Update on COVID-19 situation | August 31th 2020

We’re committed to arrange a safe, competitive and interesting junior football tournament on the original HJK Cup dates, 4.-6.9.2020. 

However we are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation. If the tournament should be cancelled for this year by the order of the Finnish authorities or the Finnish FA, the fees will be refunded for the teams.

Safety instructions

A person who has even the slightest symptoms of flu, fever or stomach issues is not allowed in the tournament area or the tournament hotel. 

Maintain safe distance of 1-2 meters when moving around in the tournament area and in the stands. 

The hotel is located within a walking distance from the tournament venue. We recommend that the teams travel to the venue by foot. Helsinki district public transportation recommends using a face mask in trains, buses and trams. 

The team manager registers the team in the tournament info upon arrival – no players in the info premises. We wish that the teams won’t use the indoor premises at the tournament venue.

Every team manager must provide the tournament info a valid phone number for real time communication via WhatsApp.

Please follow the lunch schedules, keep distance when queuing and follow the instructions given by the restaurant, hotel and tournament staff to ensure a safe & hygiene premises for all teams. 

Hand desinfection rinse is available at field entrances, tournament cafés, restaurant premises and tournamet info. Every team, staff member and spectator must take care of good hand hygiene.  

There should be no handshakes between the teams and/or referees. The teams are responsible for their hand washing / desinfection before each game.

In the prize ceremony all medals will be handed to the team manager, who gives the medals to the team members.

If a participant shows symptoms during the tournament, he/she must be guided to the tournament info for further guidance.

International teams

(As you can imagine, the time is quite difficult for arranging an international tournament 😅 . )

The travel restrictions are affecting the participating teams – the tournament follows all the rules given by the authorities. Right now it’s obvious that most of our international invitees will not be able to arrive to the tournament in 2020, but we wish to have the MOST international HJK Cup ever next year.