Updated on August 30th 2021

Instructions for a safe tournament – all teams must follow these guidelines

  • A person who has even the slightest symptoms of flu, fever or stomach issues is not allowed in the tournament area or the tournament hotel. 
  • Maintain safe distance of 1-2 meters when moving around in the tournament area and in the stands. 
  • Only players, team staff and referees are allowed in the pitch areas. The spectators must stay on the premises showed by the tournament staff and follow the instructions.
  • The team manager registers the team in the tournament info upon arrival – no players in the info premises. Every team manager must provide the tournament info a valid phone number for real time communication via WhatsApp.
  • Keep distance when queuing for lunch or in the cafeterias and follow the instructions given by the restaurant, hotel and tournament staff to ensure a safe & hygiene premises for all teams. 
  • Hand desinfection rinse is available at field entrances, tournament cafés, restaurant premises and tournamet info. Every team, staff member and spectator must take care of good hand hygiene.  
  • There should be no handshakes between the teams and/or referees. The teams are responsible for their hand washing / desinfection before each game.
  • If a participant shows symptoms during the tournament, he/she must be guided to the tournament info for further guidance.