It’s official: the 16th edition of HJK Cup will be arranged in September 2022!

HJK Cup, the annual, international Academy level youth football tournament for boys, will be organized from Friday the 2nd to Sunday the 4th of September 2022 in Helsinki Töölö Football Campus!

The tournament offers quality matches on good artificial turf and natural grass pitches – and a great atmosphere in Helsinki. 

Age groups

U13 (2009) 11v11

U12 (2010) 11v11

U11 (2011) 8v8

U10 (2012) 7v7

U9 (2013) 7v7

The invitations with more info on the arrangements will be sent soon! Stay tuned!

A small recap from HJK Cup 2019

As the preparations for the 14th edition, HJK Cup 2020, are well on their way we still want to thank all the participating teams and the volunteers for the 2019 tournament.

In 2019 HJK Cup had the joy of hosting 68 teams from 7 different countries. We’re thankful for all the participants from Finland and abroad and wish to meet you again in HJK Cup 2020.

Here’s a small recap on the results, more information & events can be found on our social media channels, Facebook & Instagram.

HJK Cup 2019 finalists for each age group were:

U9 / born in 2010 or later

3rd place HJK (FI), 2nd place Ilves (FI), 1st place FC Zenit (RU)

U10 / born in 2009 or later

3rd place Ilves (FI), 2nd place FC Inter (FI), 1st place FC Zenit (RU)

U11 / born in 2008 or later

3rd place FC Inter (FI), 2nd place HJK (FI), 1st place Ilves (FI)

U12/born in 2007 or later

3rd place Zenit (RU), 2nd place FC Nordsjaelland (DK), 1st place HJK (FI)

U13 / born in 2006 or later

3rd place Kalev (EE), 2nd place HJK, 1st place Zenit (RU)

See all teams and placements for HJK Cup 2019 here >>

It’s almost time!

Tomorrow is The Day: the U13 & U12 games will start at 10:00 at Töölö and the younger age groups will follow on Saturday. 

You’ll find the whole agenda, participating teams & fixtures – plus of course all the results online during the weekend at Gameresultsonline service.

The ISTV online TV service will cover the games played in Telia 5G Arena and our social media team from Laajasalon opisto will be covering events throughout the tournament at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And it’s a wrap! Thank you for all

The 12th annual HJK Cup ended on Sunday. Our warmest thanks to all you players, coaches, team managers, parents and volunteers who made this beautiful event!

We’ll give you a shoutout as soon as the date for 2019 edition is confirmed and the invitations will be sent. Stay tuned.

The recordings from all live streams can be found in Laajasalon opisto’s YouTube channel here. Once again: THANK YOU ALL for a wonderful football weekend!

HJK Cup 2018, finalists & winners:

U13: 1st place VJS (FI), 2nd FC Lahti United (FI), 3rd HJK (FI)

U12: 1st place Zenit (RU), 2nd IF Lidingö (SWE), 3rd KuPS (FI)

U11: 1st place FC Inter Turku (FI), 2nd FC Honka (FI), 3rd Sollentuna FK Tegel (SWE)

U10: 1st place Zenit (RU), 2nd Ilves (FI) and 3rd VJS (FI)

U9: 1st place Zenit (RU), 2nd IF Lidingö (SWE) and 3rd PK-35 (FI)



HJK CUP 12th edition – coming up in September

HJK CUP is an annual invitational tournament organized by HJK Academy and Challenger teams for international Academy level teams. The teams participating will be the best in their age groups from Finland, Scandinavia and Baltics.

In 2018 HJK CUP will be played for the 12th time. From Friday the 7th of September to Sunday the 9th Helsinki, the capital of Finland will host the top quality international teams in age groups U9 (born 1.1.2009 or later), U10 (born 1.1.2008 or later), U11 (born 1.1.2007 or later), U12 (born 1.1.2006 or later) and U13 (born 1.1.2005 or later).

In addition to top notch teams the tournament offers high quality turf and natural grass pitches and a great atmosphere in downtown Helsinki.

The pitches, accommodation and lunch restaurants will be found in a very close distance to each other.