A small recap from HJK Cup 2019

As the preparations for the 14th edition, HJK Cup 2020, are well on their way we still want to thank all the participating teams and the volunteers for the 2019 tournament.

In 2019 HJK Cup had the joy of hosting 68 teams from 7 different countries. We’re thankful for all the participants from Finland and abroad and wish to meet you again in HJK Cup 2020.

Here’s a small recap on the results, more information & events can be found on our social media channels, Facebook & Instagram.

HJK Cup 2019 finalists for each age group were:

U9 / born in 2010 or later

3rd place HJK (FI), 2nd place Ilves (FI), 1st place FC Zenit (RU)

U10 / born in 2009 or later

3rd place Ilves (FI), 2nd place FC Inter (FI), 1st place FC Zenit (RU)

U11 / born in 2008 or later

3rd place FC Inter (FI), 2nd place HJK (FI), 1st place Ilves (FI)

U12/born in 2007 or later

3rd place Zenit (RU), 2nd place FC Nordsjaelland (DK), 1st place HJK (FI)

U13 / born in 2006 or later

3rd place Kalev (EE), 2nd place HJK, 1st place Zenit (RU)

See all teams and placements for HJK Cup 2019 here >>

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