HJK CUP 12th edition – coming up in September

HJK CUP is an annual invitational tournament organized by HJK Academy and Challenger teams for international Academy level teams. The teams participating will be the best in their age groups from Finland, Scandinavia and Baltics.

In 2018 HJK CUP will be played for the 12th time. From Friday the 7th of September to Sunday the 9th Helsinki, the capital of Finland will host the top quality international teams in age groups U9 (born 1.1.2009 or later), U10 (born 1.1.2008 or later), U11 (born 1.1.2007 or later), U12 (born 1.1.2006 or later) and U13 (born 1.1.2005 or later).

In addition to top notch teams the tournament offers high quality turf and natural grass pitches and a great atmosphere in downtown Helsinki.

The pitches, accommodation and lunch restaurants will be found in a very close distance to each other.

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